Author: Rob Taylor

Lesson 3 – Shutter Speed, Frame Rate

Overview If a student can understand the basic principles of getting exposure correct through photography, then video should be a pretty easy to make transition. That said, there are some fundamental mechanics of video that require a little bit of extra understanding in order to give a student the full ability to use his or her camera as a tool. Frame rate rarely comes up, but it’s a valuable thing to understand in the raw mechanics of a video, and gives a filmmaker one more “knob” they can turn to get the perfect shot. Explainer We don’t tend to...

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Lesson 4 – The Art of B-Roll

Overview Once students have successfully learned how to set up their camera to get their exposure correct for pictures and videos, it’s time to apply that skill to video. B-roll, the background footage that stitches together scenes, is the best place to start. These shots don’t require a subject, they just require students to think artistically. It also presents an opportunity to start teaching the students how to use natural light to their advantage. Explainer Wistia has a pretty great example of what B-roll is, and they show a video without B-roll, and then with B-roll. Its content is...

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