Hi! I’m Rob Taylor.
I’m a teacher and a designer.

And to me, “teacher” and “designer” mean the same thing (I flipped a coin on which one to write first). That’s me in the picture, I’m on the left in the turquoise shirt. And those are some of my students, watching the footage they’d just gotten for a short film they were working on called “Toastbusters,” which came out even more awesome than it sounds. In my career, I’ve produced television shows and online videos, developed websites and logos, and designed advertising and media plans and strategies. I’m lucky enough to get to do those things and instruct students how to do those things every day as a middle and high school teacher. I think the world needs more students designing, more students making films, and more schools teaching students how. But I think a lot of schools don’t know where to start.

That’s the point of New Sequence.

Many schools know they need to adapt to a technology-driven world, but struggle with the first steps. To complicate it, there’s a ton of online resources for professional designers and filmmakers, but they’re written for people in the field, not outsiders. New Sequence is meant to bridge these fields and education, so effective Design Education–filmmaking, graphic design, web design, and more–can reach everyone. With a camera on every phone and sophisticated design software available to everyone, there’s an opportunity for every student to develop design and production skills that will aid them for life, regardless of discipline or budget. Through New Sequence, I’ll provide curriculum modules, create guides for building design labs or production studios, blog about how a designer approaches education, and talk to students about how they’d create big picture solutions to challenges in the education field.

So join New Sequence,
and let’s design education together.

For questions, concerns, things you’d like to see on the site, your thoughts on whether or not we live in a simulation, or anything else, you can send an email to rob@newsequence.org, reach out to me on the Twitter Machine, or connect with me on LinkedIn.